Autumn leaves fall into a stream and seeon will be food for macroinvertebrates at Parker Dam State Park, Pennsylvania.The DCNR Watershed Education (WE) Portfolio is a five-part unit in which students build and gather information on different aspects of their watershed. These WE Portfolios provide teachers with a valid student assessment tool.

Five of the WE lessons are a part of the Watershed Portfolio…

  • Watershed Delineation
  • Watershed Character Statement
  • Stream Walk and Mapping
  • Journaling
  • Watershed Tour

A Watershed Education investigation is taking place by a stream, Pennsylvania State Parks.

To create their portfolios, students will…

  • Delineate their watershed
    • Determine stream order
    • Write their watershed address
  • Develop a character statement
  • Map their stream study site
  • Survey their stream study site
  • Develop Watershed Journals
  • Tour their Watershed

Student Portfolios should include…

  • Watershed map with tributaries and influencing land uses labeled
  • Watershed address
  • Water flow chart
  • Watershed character statement
  • Water basin character statement
  • Stream survey datasheet(s)
  • Journal entries
  • Watershed tour worksheet(s)

Classroom Portfolios should include…

  • Watershed map delineation
  • Master watershed character statement
  • Water basin character statement
  • Stream maps
  • Master stream survey datasheet
  • Master watershed tour worksheet(s)
  • Photos and/or video
  • Resource materials and information


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